Sunday, 12 July 2009

New Bag

I ordered a new bag from Wiggle a few weeks ago.  Then I got a message saying they were out of stock, back in at the end on June.  Then I got another saying they were due early July, then another saying mid July.  I did a trawl around the internet and practically everyone was sold out.

Except the excellent guys at Bike Plus, who had lots in stock apparently.  So I cancelled my Wiggle order and went with them.  Two days later the postman brought the package, but was too impatient to wait for Jamie to unlock the front door and so I had to pick it up on Thursday from the post office.

I fitted it immediately and was ready for the Thursday night ride.

RIMG0232 RIMG0234

Its a Carradice Barley.  It has a capacity of about 7 litres.  The side pockets are quite small.  I also have a couple on Nelson Longflap's which are easily twice the size, that I have been using for 20 years.  The Barley is much much smaller, and the side pockets are also correspondingly smaller.  On the Nelson's I have a small light, musette style bag and a lock in one pocket, and a tube, tools and puncture kit in the other.

The Barley side pockets are a bit smaller, I can just about get the lock in one pocket and the tube and tools in the other.  The main section will take trousers, pants and a shirt easily, or two rain jackets and a fleece like it did tonight, without being overly full.  I don't think it will fit my buttie box, change of clothes and laptop, but that is not why I bought it.  It is a good sized day bag.  I can easily fit a rain jacket, fleece, food and my usual tools etc in it easily.

And it is pretty!



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