Sunday, 28 February 2010

Poor weeks continue

Yet another poor week.  I was in Bristol most of the week, only rode in to work on Monday.  I was supposed to take my mountain bike down to ride Cwm Carn in the dark.  But I never got sorted with lights and was late leaving and just didn’t get the bike in the car.

We went out on the tandem today, 36 miles out to Scorton and back.  It was another longish ride for Jayne and we are obviously better than previous weeks.

All in all 49 miles for the week.



Sunday, 21 February 2010

Yet another poor week

I’m still struggling to get the weekly mileage up to a decent level.  74 miles this week.  Still nowhere near the 100+ I want if I’m to reach 4000+ miles for 2010

This week is half term, so Jayne is off.  I had Monday off but we went walking in the Lakes in  the rain.  Had a fantastic bacon & egg buttie at the Apple Pie Shop.  Also bought a bamboo shirt!  We’ll have to see how that goes.

I did a few days in work, then had Thursday  Friday off.  Thursday I had to go to the opticians.  Good news is my distance vision is improving.  Bad news is that this is at the expense of my near vision.  We had a short ride on the tandem.

Friday morning, even though I was off work, I had to dial in to a voice conference in the morning.  As soon as it was over, we set out on a 20 mile loop via Bonds and a cup of tea with a tea cake.

Down to Jayne’s Mum & Dad on Saturday.  This morning we’d planned another 30+ mile trip out to Scorton with Ian.  But when we got up, there was an inch or two of snow which isn’t that great on a tandem.  So we called it off.  Jayne and I went for a walk in the snow instead.

All in all an OK but not great week…

Mileage for the week – 74

Mileage for the year – 498



Sunday, 14 February 2010

Mixed Week

Mileage wise I’ve had a pretty good week, but I have probably not had a worse week for how I feel.

It has been a cold, but dry and sunny week on the whole.  I’ve ridden in every day, but I really felt rubbish.  My legs were really heavy.  I struggled most days to get my fixed gear turning and was fighting it most of the time.

We managed our Thursday night pub run for the first time this year, but again I was struggling.  It was made worse by my bike lights falling off and breaking.  I had to hold them on the whole way home.

Yesterday, Jayne and I rode out on the tandem to the Priory at Scorton.  This was over 30 miles, the furthest Jayne had ridden for over a year.  I was a bit worried because of my poor week.  Was it worth risking taking Jayne out when I wasn’t feeling good.  But it was a great ride, the weather was nice.  We got to Scorton without any trouble.  The ride back was harder but we got home fine, 36 miles, our furthest ride in a long long time.

Karl asked if I was up for a mountain bike ride Sunday.  I wasn’t sure on Friday if I was up for it.  But after our Saturday ride I was keen to go.  While I really enjoyed the ride, I was definitely not up for it.  We went out to Todmorden, where we met up with Ian, Nic and Steve.  It was a hard day.  The hills were very steep and I couldn’t get my low gears.  We bailed on our planned ride cutting it short by a long way.  But it was a great day out and a beautiful day.

Mileage for the week – 125

Mileage for the year – 424



Sunday, 7 February 2010

A Better Week at Last

90+ miles for the week! At last some decent miles.  I rode to work 3 days and the mileage was looking poor.  But we got out on the tandem yesterday, just down to Bond’s and back but by a bit of a circuitous route, so got just under 20 miles in.

I wasn’t planning on going out today.  We got up late and I was preparing a full fried breakfast, eggs, bacon, black pudding, mushrooms and toast, when I got a text from Karl.  They were going out to Beacon Fell and back, be at mine for 10:15.  We wolfed down our breakfast and I got changed.  Then got a text saying Joe was running late.  They eventually turned up at 10:45.  The ride out was OK, but as we started climbing the mist came down and a damp chill soaked through us.  A cup of tea at the visitor’s centre revived us, but not our clothes.  On the 40mph descent, my sodden gloves froze.  I didn’t get feeling back til this afternoon.  After a quiet run through the lanes, I got back in time to watch Scotland loose to France.

I’ve still not warmed up properly.

93.5 miles for the week

299.5 miles for the year so far



Monday, 1 February 2010

Poor start to the year

Subject says it all really.  The last two weeks have been pretty poor miles wise.  I was down in Bristol again the week before last.  I was supposed to be there Tuesday to Thursday, with the intention of getting back for the Thursday pub run.  In the end I didn’t get back til Friday and even then was too late for the Friday beer with Karl.  Then last week I was down there again for a couple of days and Thursday was our belated Christmas do.

There were a couple of highlights though.  We got out and did some miles on the tandem.  Sunday before last Jayne and I went out on our own and did a loop through the lanes in the morning, then went out in the wind and rain and cold with Karl and Alison to Bonds for a tea cake and cup of tea.  30 miles in all.

Then on Saturday, we rode out to Barton Grange.  Unfortunately we got there too late for bacon butties, but had a nice bowl of soup instead.  It was quite cold though.  27 mile.

On Sunday we tried to go out again but there had been a light dusting of snow.  We gave it a go but after seeing a car sliding towards us out of control, we decided to go home. 1 mile

Annual total – 206