Sunday, 14 February 2010

Mixed Week

Mileage wise I’ve had a pretty good week, but I have probably not had a worse week for how I feel.

It has been a cold, but dry and sunny week on the whole.  I’ve ridden in every day, but I really felt rubbish.  My legs were really heavy.  I struggled most days to get my fixed gear turning and was fighting it most of the time.

We managed our Thursday night pub run for the first time this year, but again I was struggling.  It was made worse by my bike lights falling off and breaking.  I had to hold them on the whole way home.

Yesterday, Jayne and I rode out on the tandem to the Priory at Scorton.  This was over 30 miles, the furthest Jayne had ridden for over a year.  I was a bit worried because of my poor week.  Was it worth risking taking Jayne out when I wasn’t feeling good.  But it was a great ride, the weather was nice.  We got to Scorton without any trouble.  The ride back was harder but we got home fine, 36 miles, our furthest ride in a long long time.

Karl asked if I was up for a mountain bike ride Sunday.  I wasn’t sure on Friday if I was up for it.  But after our Saturday ride I was keen to go.  While I really enjoyed the ride, I was definitely not up for it.  We went out to Todmorden, where we met up with Ian, Nic and Steve.  It was a hard day.  The hills were very steep and I couldn’t get my low gears.  We bailed on our planned ride cutting it short by a long way.  But it was a great day out and a beautiful day.

Mileage for the week – 125

Mileage for the year – 424



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