Sunday, 21 February 2010

Yet another poor week

I’m still struggling to get the weekly mileage up to a decent level.  74 miles this week.  Still nowhere near the 100+ I want if I’m to reach 4000+ miles for 2010

This week is half term, so Jayne is off.  I had Monday off but we went walking in the Lakes in  the rain.  Had a fantastic bacon & egg buttie at the Apple Pie Shop.  Also bought a bamboo shirt!  We’ll have to see how that goes.

I did a few days in work, then had Thursday  Friday off.  Thursday I had to go to the opticians.  Good news is my distance vision is improving.  Bad news is that this is at the expense of my near vision.  We had a short ride on the tandem.

Friday morning, even though I was off work, I had to dial in to a voice conference in the morning.  As soon as it was over, we set out on a 20 mile loop via Bonds and a cup of tea with a tea cake.

Down to Jayne’s Mum & Dad on Saturday.  This morning we’d planned another 30+ mile trip out to Scorton with Ian.  But when we got up, there was an inch or two of snow which isn’t that great on a tandem.  So we called it off.  Jayne and I went for a walk in the snow instead.

All in all an OK but not great week…

Mileage for the week – 74

Mileage for the year – 498



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