Sunday, 7 February 2010

A Better Week at Last

90+ miles for the week! At last some decent miles.  I rode to work 3 days and the mileage was looking poor.  But we got out on the tandem yesterday, just down to Bond’s and back but by a bit of a circuitous route, so got just under 20 miles in.

I wasn’t planning on going out today.  We got up late and I was preparing a full fried breakfast, eggs, bacon, black pudding, mushrooms and toast, when I got a text from Karl.  They were going out to Beacon Fell and back, be at mine for 10:15.  We wolfed down our breakfast and I got changed.  Then got a text saying Joe was running late.  They eventually turned up at 10:45.  The ride out was OK, but as we started climbing the mist came down and a damp chill soaked through us.  A cup of tea at the visitor’s centre revived us, but not our clothes.  On the 40mph descent, my sodden gloves froze.  I didn’t get feeling back til this afternoon.  After a quiet run through the lanes, I got back in time to watch Scotland loose to France.

I’ve still not warmed up properly.

93.5 miles for the week

299.5 miles for the year so far



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  1. I'm being quite the punter in comparison to you so far this year. Next month is the month we can usually get going around here without too much special gear, ie studs or a snow bike. Go work, keep it up.