Monday, 1 February 2010

Poor start to the year

Subject says it all really.  The last two weeks have been pretty poor miles wise.  I was down in Bristol again the week before last.  I was supposed to be there Tuesday to Thursday, with the intention of getting back for the Thursday pub run.  In the end I didn’t get back til Friday and even then was too late for the Friday beer with Karl.  Then last week I was down there again for a couple of days and Thursday was our belated Christmas do.

There were a couple of highlights though.  We got out and did some miles on the tandem.  Sunday before last Jayne and I went out on our own and did a loop through the lanes in the morning, then went out in the wind and rain and cold with Karl and Alison to Bonds for a tea cake and cup of tea.  30 miles in all.

Then on Saturday, we rode out to Barton Grange.  Unfortunately we got there too late for bacon butties, but had a nice bowl of soup instead.  It was quite cold though.  27 mile.

On Sunday we tried to go out again but there had been a light dusting of snow.  We gave it a go but after seeing a car sliding towards us out of control, we decided to go home. 1 mile

Annual total – 206



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