Sunday, 17 January 2010

First proper ride

Alison texted me last night asking if I wanted to go for a ride today.  I had planned to go out with Jayne on the tandem, but she said to go on what would undoubtedly be a longer ride.

This morning was damp but with watery sunshine.  Four of the regular crew turned up.  Alison’s bike computer was not working so she asked me to keep an eye on the speed, reign in Joe’s speedy tendencies.  Then she and Joe shot off at massive speed, with the rest of us hanging in.  The run out across the flat area was fairly easy.  All the ice from the last week or two had gone.  It was a pleasant ride out over familiar roads, the quick route to Beacon Fell.

On the run up to Carwags had some small patches of ice, but most had gone.  Then as we turned into Carwags Lane, ice was everywhere.  We ended up running in the clear car tracks on either side of an icy central lump.  We were OK until the very top of the 1 in 4 climb, then ice spread across the entire lane and we unbeknown to me, the others walked and I risked a very dodgy traverse across the ice.

Then we got to the visitor’s centre/cafe and it was closed!  We soon realised why when we set off to Scorton.  The road down was sheet ice, unwalkable.  We struggled down on the frozen grass verges.  Eventually we got back onto rideable roads and it was probably the slowest ever descent to Wadecar.

There were loads of people out.  The Priory was mobbed and we passed at least one large group coming away.  Everyone wanted to be out after a couple of weeks of enforced staying in.

A tough ride back through Nateby and Our Rawcliffe was hard but eventually we made it back.

46 miles, hard.

65 for the week

110 for the year



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  1. You're off to a better start than me. I'm in school full time and the weather here has not been conducive to cycling. We're in the midst of another storm as we speak. Riding the trainer, though, so that kind of counts, doesn't it? I'll have a post with a full update next weekend. Check in with me then.