Sunday, 23 August 2009

Poor week (or two)

After several weeks of high (ish) miles, the last two weeks have been poor.

Last week I was off work, so should have had a few miles in, but it didn't work out that way.

Monday was set aside for wills.  As of last Friday, our boys are all 16+.  It seemed an appropriate time to sort out our wills.  Up till now we just had a basic one, mainly concerned with the boys' welfare if we both popped our clogs.  This was no longer appropriate and we had also been exposed a bit via Jayne's Mum and Dad sorting their stuff out, enough to realise we would be better off sorting the basics now while we were both able to understand.

Tuesday was set aside for walking in the Lake District.  I also wanted to get a new chain ring for my Pompino.  Staveley has a big bike shop, Wheelbase, which has everything you could possibly need bike wise.  Unfortunately a 42 tooth 130 BCD chain ring wasn't one of them.  The plan had been to get the chain ring, then drive up the valley and do a walk round Kentmere, heading back to Wilf's for a late lunch.  With no chain ring, we felt we had to head into Ambleside to either Bike Trek's or Ghylside.  So we went to Wilf's for a bacon buttie and a coffee while we planned the day.  We would go to Ambleside, check out the bike shops and then go for a walk.  Bike Trek had a few rings but nothing the right size, 48 being their closest.  Ghylside had a 44, but not a 42.  Not a huge deal, but would have meant spending another £15 on a new sprocket to keep the gear ratio the same.  So we went for a walk down the Rothay road to Rothay bridge, then up to the Loughrigg caves and down to Grassmere.  This is one of my favourite places.  The shoulder between Rydal and Grassmere gives beautiful views in all directions.

Back in Ambleside for a wander round the shops, then I remembered that there was a Evans Cycles in Kendal, so we called in and yes they did have the appropriate ring.

Wednesday we went to Liverpool.  I used to work in Liverpool and lived on the Wirral for 18 years.  I've not been into the centre of Liverpool for probably 10 years.  It had all changed.  I didn't recognise anywhere.  But we had a pleasant day and I bought a couple of books.  We got back fairly late and decided to go to a local restaurant, but it was closed, so we headed home.  Then we remembered another local Italian that we'd been to once with Jayne's Mum & dad and the kids, so back tracked and went there.  We were only going to have a main and a glass of wine.  Then the waiter/proprietor came over with the list of specials including Sicilian  sausage with a tomato and mascarpone sauce.  We ended up having two bottles of rose, starters and mains and Jayne a desert and complementary lemon digestifs.  We were pleasantly full and pleasantly sqiffy.

Thursday was nice and we rode out to a local garden centre for a bacon buttie and a cup of tea.  Thursday evening was the regular ride out to the Plough.  This was all my bike miles for the week.

Friday was miserable.  I stayed in and cleaned parts for the tandem.

Then I've been in Switzerland most of this week.  I've been plenty of times now, but we've never really done the tourist thing.  This time we had an evening in Zurich.  A nice meal then a wander down the lake shore.  I took this snap of naked swimmers frolicking in the fountain.


Enjoy :)



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  1. I've been down mileage-wise this past month too. Moving and all have taken too much bike time away, but September looks to be promising. Good pic of the swimmers, I don't now how you caught all that detail.