Monday, 25 October 2010

Getting Better

Another short week, but I’m headed in the right direction now.  Monday & Tuesday were lost to work outings.  I rode in Weds to Friday and didn’t hurt too badly.  I’m off the Ibuprofen as well.  No Thirsty Thursday ride, Ian is in California, Karl in Scotland.

Saturday we arranged to go mountain biking.  Something gentle for me and Joe and something not too technical for Simon, as he starts a new job today and didn’t want to bash himself up  for his first day.  We decided to combine two rides and do Cartmel Fells and  Whitbarrow Scar.  In the end there were six of us, me Karl, Alison, Joe, Simon and Tony.  Me, Karl, Simon and Tony were all on P7’s, Simon and Tony on single speeds.

There was a lot of road riding to link up the off road sections, but it was on nice quiet back roads, very unusual in the Lakes.  Lots of climbing though.  The descent from Witherslack Hall was fantastic, just wet and slippy enough to be challenging without being too technical.  I flew down until I came to an enormous dog stood in the middle of the path.  I was the size of a small horse, or at least seemed so as I approached a speed.  Luckily the owner was there and pulled the dog off the trail as the rest came down.  Another long and steep (1 in 4) climb got us up onto Cartmel Fell and another cracking series of downhill double and singletracks.  The last one was a bit tricky with little or no back brake and being a bit timid because of my ribs.  But we made it.  All in all about 25 miles.

Total for the week – 92

Total year to date - 4504

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