Tuesday, 6 September 2011

That’s More Like It

I’ve actually got some proper miles in last week.  Just riding to work in the main.  Monday was a public holiday but the weather was awful.  I did a quick 25 mile ride in the pouring rain with Joe and Simon.  My first fast-ish ride for 4 weeks.  It was OK but my arm ached by the evening.

No-one was up for the Thirsty Thursday ride, so I did a short spin on my own.  Met up with a guy with a knackered front mech, helped him fix it and rode for a bit.

Saturday was a wash out, but Sunday was a glorious sunny day, one of the best all summer.  We went out with Karl and Alison and their young neighbour who had just got a new bike.  His longest ride previously was about 5 miles.  Our 30+ miles was quite an expedition for him, but he managed.

Total for the week – 111 miles

Year to date – 3486

Shortfall – 539


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  1. Nice week, glad you've mended enough to be out and about. I tried a short spin yesterday, but 5 miles was all I had in me. Seems the Lyme's worst symptom is fatigue, I have that in spades. Another week of treatment and I should be good to go.