Sunday, 30 October 2011

Week Off

I’m aware I’ve been very lax in updating here since my big trip.

The tour down to my Mum’s was great.  I got lost on the second day and ended up doing lots more climbing than I intended.  I was really lucky with the weather, only really getting rained on at the end of that second day.  Unfortunately I was straight down to Bristol on the following Monday, so failed to capitalize on any increase in endurance.  By the following weekend my legs were knackered.  I went round the Trough with Ian and Ross

Last week was half term and Jayne and I were both off.  Jayne was not well at the beginning of the week, so I went out on my own Monday.  The wind was horrendous and I ended up doing a bigger loop than I intended as I tried to find a route home sheltered from the wind.

Tuesday we went into Manchester to do some shopping in the morning and then went to see Wilco in the evening.  Wilco were really good, a bit less frenetic than last time.  Unfortunately as it was a no seater gig, Jayne didn’t see too much, but enjoyed it non the less. 

Wednesday was nice and we got out to Bonds for a short ride and a tea cake.  Thursday morning I rode into Preston to see if I could get my fountain pen repaired but the pen shop no longer do repairs.  I rode home in the rain, quickly changed and went out again with Simon to do a quick spin out to Beacon Fell.  Simon hasn’t been out for ages and after blasting his way out, struggled on the way back.

Friday was cold but sunny and so we headed up to the Lakes to do a ride we did back in the summer.  This time we started at Levens and rode up through Witherslack and Winster to Wilf’s at Staveley. 

October 176

As we came into Stavelely I noticed my rear wheel was a bit flat.  By the time we’d eaten, it was obvious I had a puncture, so I took the wheel off and the inner tube out.  The tube looked more abraded than punctured and when I found the corresponding place on the tyre there was a half inch patch where the tyre casing had disintegrated.  I suspect that a stone or piece of glass had got embedded under the outer rubber and the casing and worn it away.  I could push my finger through.  Fortunately Staveley is home to Wheelbase cycle shop and I bought a new tyre.  It was a pig to get on, but I managed, only to see the tyre immediately deflate.  I’d pinched the tube getting it on.  Much cursing and a second tube later, I could not get the tyre on.  I was at it for 40 minutes before admitting defeat and taking it into the shop, where it took them 10 seconds to get it on.  By this time it was getting late so we headed back through Crook and Underbarrow and down the Lyth valley back to the car.


Yesterday the weather was poor, strong winds and heavy showers.  Simon and I headed out to cafe de Lune.  The route back was once more a circuitous one to avoid a head wind.  I got another puncture, different bike though.  A quick swap of the tube and remount the wheel only to discover that the valve was not long enough to come through the deep rims I was running.  Fortunately Simon had a spare and we were away again. 

Jayne and I went out to eat last night at a local Italian restaurant.  Unbeknown to us they’d just reopened with a new chef.  The owner told us all about her trails and tribulations with the last chef, who was stealing, the temp agency chef, who was rubbish, the interviewees who either didn’t turn up, never worked in a restaurant or had run away with a travelling circus.  The food was OK but not great.  We won’t be rushing back.

Today Jayne and Karl and I had a gently ride out to Barton Grange.  They are now in full Christmas mode and it was heaving.  We had a quick drink and a cake then left.

All in all its been a pretty good week.  Weather hasn’t been unreasonable for the time of year and I’ve got some good rides in.

Total for week – 220 miles

Year to date – 4781 miles

Shortfall – 164 miles



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  1. Good to have you back after your visit. I checked in on the other site - nice.
    Hope to be back on my bikes soon. Ribs are still tender bur tolerable.