Saturday, 7 January 2012

2012 Starts Like 2011 Finished

It has been very windy this week, 50-80 mph winds at times.  Vey hard work.  Jayne and I also seem to have got our colds back.  I’m not too bad, just sore throat and coughing but Jayne is completely laid out.  Both of us are knackered from lack of sleep.

Monday we went for a short ride out to Bond’s and back.  It was Jayne’s first ride in about 6 weeks so we took it very easy.  Fortunately we had a strong tailwind on the way out. At one point there was a real heavy shower of hail.  Unfortunately we discovered the strength of the wind on the way back.  It was horrendous.  I think we averaged about 9mph.  We were in and out of rain, bright sunshine or hail all the way home

I didn’t ride Tuesday, it was too windy.  Jayne met me at lunchtime and we had our sandwiches on Lytham front.  You could barely stand up in the wind.  Wednesday I risked riding.  The wind had eased a bit but I was still crawling into it, less than 10mph with my heart beat going like the clappers.  Riding home was a tail wind most of the way.  There was a bit of a hairy moment past a bridge and two farm gates where the wind was swirling around alarmingly.  It was chucking it down with rain and occasional hail.

I’ve not ridden since, too windy on Thursday and too sick/knackered on Friday.  Don’t think I’ll be out this weekend either.

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