Tuesday, 31 May 2016


My medication is starting to get effective,  I can actually sit still without getting short of breath.   So I thought I'd get on with the Hosteller.   Painting is an ideal job actually as its ten minutes of activity followed by ten minutes rest, just about what I can manage.

The forks were pretty clean, so, after a final rub down with some 320 grade wet and dry and a whipe with a clean rag & white spirit, I put an immediate acid etch primer coat on.  This seemed to go quite well.

A second coat had it ready for the colour.

The frame was quite badly pitted and still had some surface rust.  I'd given it a good sanding but decided to treat it with a rust treatment.   Once this was done it was ready for the primer.

I'm just using Halfords rattle can paint.  Its a bit mixed quality wise, one can was very watery and drippy, I managed to splash wet paint over the frame when shaking the can between sprays.  The second can seemed to go on much better.  I've got a few coats of the forks and a good first coat on the frame, but need to flatten back and redo the frame with a few more coats.

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