Saturday, 13 June 2009

More new bike goodness

I am still in love with my new bike!   It is ace!

I have done just over 140 miles so far this week, 130+ of them on the new bike.  It still seems like a very upright position, but then again, that is what I asked for.  I did a 20 mile ride Thursday, easy pace, pint of beer half way, and it was comfortable all the way.

I think my hands are too small to be really comfortable with STI.  I can change to the smaller sprockets fairly easily.  But I can't change up very well.

I am going to get a Carradice Barley saddlebag.  I have two Nelson Longflap bags, one on my Pompino and an old tatty one that I've put on the Hewitt temporarily.  I really like the Carradice bags and don't seem to suffer from problems that others have re their thighs hitting the bag or the angle being wrong.  The Nelson is great for going to work, I get my butty box, change of clothes and some bits of stuff in easily, but for a general day ride it is too big.  The Barley is about half the size, but still has the side pockets which I use one for tools, tube etc and one for a folding bag, emergency light and lock.

We did another long (for me!) ride today, about 55 miles out to Chipping and Dunsop Bridge.  It was a glorious day, sun shining and a gentle breeze.  We got to the cafe at Dunsop Bridge at lunch time and sat in the garden, eating bacon and egg on toast, tea cakes, lemon cake and drinking tea.  Joe and Ian recounted tales from the road from their Land's End to John o'Groats trip.

I am knackered, but still pleased with the new bike.




  1. Seems like every one is ramping up the miles. A shiny new bike doesn't hurt, either. I set off for a quick 12 mile spin, but ended up doing 41.
    Then a 25 mile group ride in the evening. Still less than the pro's do daily, but I'm happy with it.

  2. Not me. My longest ride so far this year was probably less than 30 miles. I just don't have time for that long stuff. (It's difficult enough to negotiate an hour for ride time, y'know.)

  3. Chaps, I finished the week with 167 miles total, my best this year. I know you mean about finding time, Mike, up until recently my longest rides were the 6-7 miles to work.