Monday, 8 June 2009

New Bike

My wife rang me at work today to tell me that my new bike was ready.  Did I want her to pick me up from work and take me round to get it.  Did I!

Hewitt's is in Leyland, about 18 miles from work on the other side of Preston.  I had a voice conference that didn't finish til 5:15, Hewitt's closes at 6.  It was touch and go whether we would get there on time.  How come when you are in a hurry you always get stuck behind stuff, learners, tractors etc.  Anyway we got there with 5 mins to spare.

My new bike is beautiful!

It is a Hewitt Chiltern audax bike.  The frame is steel, 631 main frame, 525 rear triangle and forks.  

Brooks B17 saddle

Tiagra groupset, except for 105 hubs, long reach brakes and Mavic Open Pro rims.

After a bit of wondering about how best to get it home, I changed into my cycling gear and set of to ride the 13 or so miles home.  The bike is great.  It fits me really well, the gears shift flawlessly although as this is the first bike I've had with STI gear shifters, it will take a bit of getting used to.




  1. Very nice choice, I bet it rides like a dream. With everyone getting new bikes, I think I should, too. As soon as the dust settle from this pesky divorce thing that's going on. Or not yet started. The weather here today is dismal at best. Hope you have a good day to put some miles on that beauty.
    BTW, I like the look of your new blog. Congrats all around.

  2. Cheers. Done about 25 miles so far and it is great. Position is fairly upright, much more so than my other bikes, but that is what I asked for. Still getting used to it.

  3. Very nice indeed. There really isn't many things finer than a new my book.