Sunday, 7 March 2010

Best Week Yet

I’ve been at home all week.  As a consequence I have had a very good week.  I’ve ridden in every day.  The weather has been dry but cold.  A couple of days there was ice on the road which was a bit scary.

Thursday night was our usual pub run.  Riding out was OK, a bit cold, but a beautiful clear night.  The consequence of the clear night was that when we left at just after nine, it was freezing.  -3C apparently.  Karl’s water bottle froze.

Then Friday, Karl couldn’t meet me til later than usual.  I left work earlier, so had a bit of time to add a few miles.  I ended up with 70 miles of riding to work for the week.

Then this weekend, we got out on the tandem.  We had arranged to ride out to Cafe de Lune on Sunday, about a 45 mile round trip.  So on Saturday, we did a gentle 15 mile ride out to Bonds.  Then we went into Preston to do a bit of shopping.  I got a linen jacket for £21 that should have cost £90.  We didn’t find any cycling sun glasses which we’d mainly gone to get.

This morning dawned very cold, but sunny and hardly any wind.  Alison and Ian turned up at 10:30 ish and we set out to Cafe de Lune.  It was cold but a great day.  Overall we did 45 miles, coming back was quicker than going.  The road surfaces were awful.  But a nice day out.

Miles for the week – 144

Total so far – 691



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