Sunday, 28 March 2010

A week away

I knew this was going to be a poor week.  After two weeks of fairly high mileage, I was due to be away for most of the week.  Birmingham on Tuesday, then straight to Birmingham airport on Tuesday evening to fly to Zurich.

I did ride to work on Monday, and to the pub on Friday, but only 18 miles.  We got out yesterday for a short tandem ride and again again this afternoon, but only 30 miles or so in total.  The weather was sunny but very windy, so quite a hard ride.

After getting up early all week due to being on Central European Time, I was looking forward to a lie in this weekend.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t to happen.  Saturday we were woken up by number 2 son heading out to a scout camp.  This morning I had to get up early to marshal at a local triathlon run by a friend.  Last night was also switch to British Summer Time, so 7 o’clock was really six.  I’m knackered.

The tri went well, I was manning a level crossing, taking numbers for anyone delayed by trains, so they could have a bit of time removed to compensate.  Fortunately the race was run exactly on time, and so we only had two trains to contend with and only 3 or 4 people delayed.  Much to the disappointment of some who were hoping for a breather.

Anyway, snow forecast again for next week, my riding partners are away in Spain and US, so not sure how much I’ll get in.

Miles for the week – 48

Total miles - 980



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