Sunday, 18 April 2010

Two Good Weeks

I had a 4 day weekend last week and we made the most of it.  Friday we did a ride out on the tandem, out the the Weird Fish in St Michael’s.  26 miles in all.  Saturday was a longer ride, out to Chipping and back. We met up with Tony at the Cobbled Corner Cafe.  Sunday was a gentler ride, just me and Jayne, out to the Weird Fish again.  Nearly 100 tandem miles for the weekend.

In the week, Jayne did lots of miles on her own.  Yesterday I did a loop through the Trough.  We crawled out, despite a tail wind.  I really struggled to get up any climb.  We barely made 12 mph average speed.  We stopped at Dunsop Bridge for a cup of tea and a bacon and egg buttie before tackling Boundary Hill.  My speedo goes down to 3mph.  It stopped showing my speed!  Going down the other side was much slower than normal, into a fierce  head wind.  Then we inexplicably found an extra burst of speed.  For the next 10 miles we were flying, 20+MPH into wind.  We stopped at the Weird Fish again before setting off back over Wyre.

Today we decided to go out to Scorton.  We were going to go the hilly way, but were persuaded otherwise by the few short hills out to Myerscough.  We ended up with about 37 miles for the day.

Last week – 155 miles

This week – 166 miles

Total – 1428 miles



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