Sunday, 16 May 2010

Jayne’s New Bike

Got Jayne a new bike for her birthday.  Its a Specialized Dolce Sport.  27 gears, additional brake levers, mix of Sora and Tiagra gears.

new bike 001


  1. So the gorilla in the room: Did she pick it out or did you? Either way, it's a fine choice. This fall there may be room in the budget for a new one for L. She deserves it, putting up with me.
    Happy Birthday Jane!

  2. I've been badgering her for ages to get a better bike than her old Trek hybrid. We went up to Kendal at the weekend "just to look". There was this one, plus another model but they didn't have her size made up.. The guy offered to get one ready if we could come back in an hour or so. We went to another shop up the road that had Trek bikes. Then back to the first shop to try the other bike. Didn't like it and I persuaded her to have the more expensive one.