Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Big week

My best week so far this year, and I think probably my best week for years.

205 miles !!!!!

Yes, 205 miles last week. 

It was a bank holiday on Monday and Karl and I were going to go up to the Lakes to meet some of the others.  But the traffic was mad so we decided to do something local and headed for Chipping.  The route appeared on paper to be fairly timid compared to some of the Lakes routes, but it turned out to be a bit of an epic.  The ride out of Chipping was up through a parkland farm then up onto the fells proper.  Several traverses and a long grassy decent got us to Hereden and the big push.  I was knackered.  But at the top we were faced with Ouster Rake.  This is effectively a foot wide rut running down a peat and rock cliff face, at about 30%.  It took nerve.  Nerve it turned out I didn’t have.

DSC04957 DSC04955

I have a big bruise on my hip and 20+ miles under my belt.

The rest of the week was the normal commute and Thirsty Thursday, although only Ian could make it, Karl was away mountain bike guiding.  We got away early and did a few extra miles.

Friday is usually pub day, but with Karl away Jayne and I went on a slightly longer ride out to the Running Pump for plaice and chips and a couple of pints.

Saturday Jayne and I went out to the Weird Fish for a tea cake and a coffee.  Sunday I did a long ride through the Trough with Ian.  Ian has a broken rib and is ten years older than me and still beat me up all the hills and towed me home when the wind got up.

Today Jayne and I drove out to Arnside and did a 25+ mile ride to Kirby Lonsdale, Jayne on her new bike!

205 miles for the week

2376 miles for the year


  1. If you look in your rear view mirror, that barely perceptible dot is me fading in the distance. Your have a great year and by your account, a great time. That's what matters.

  2. Boz, I don't have the same constraints you have. The big difference this year though has been that we can leave the boys on their own. That means we can get out and ride whenever we want. Also, I've not been away with work as much. Keep up your good efforts, they will pay off, even if it isn't evident straight away.