Sunday, 13 June 2010

After the Good Week …

My poorest mileage since March, 57 miles.  This was largely due to having a cold and therefore not riding in to work.

I had Monday off because it was Jayne’s birthday.

new bike 019

We had decided to go up to Arnside in the car and ride out from there.  As we drove up, there were spits and spots of rain on the windscreen.  We thought we might get wet.  I had swapped the little Barley bag for the bigger Nelson so we could carry rain jackets and leggings.  As we set up, the rain eased and we wouldn’t see it for the rest of the ride.  The route had us going out on quiet back roads, over to Kirby Lonsdale.  It was quite hilly, but not too extreme.  The first big climb into Burton in Kendal was a killer and Jayne very nearly beat me up it. 

new bike 012

From there is was a series of rolling climbs to the top of the crags near Hutton Roof.  This is an area of limestone pavements and the crags support a unique ecosystem.  Off the crags was 5 miles of down hill into Kirby Lonsdale.  This is a pretty market town and tourist honey pot just on the edge of the Dales/Pennines.  We stopped at the Mews cafe for soup and a sandwich.

new bike 014 new bike 013

We set off sans tea cake because we new there was a steep climb back up to Hutton Roof.  Once off the busy A road, we climbed on very quiet single lane roads.  The occasional motorist happy to pull over and let us struggle by.  Once past Hutton Roof, it was a rolling, mostly down hill back to the A6 then more smaller hills over to Arnside.  All in all, 28 miles and a deserved pint in the pub.

new bike 018 new bike 015

Looking out over the estuary to the Lake District (apologies for the poor pictures)

new bike 017 new bike 016

We packed the bikes up and headed home.  We immediately ran into heavy rain and were told when we got home it had rained on and off all day.

I rode in on Tuesday, but my cold was getting a grip by then so I didn’t ride the rest of the week.  We did our normal Thirsty Thursday ride.  I was on my fixie for the first time in ages.  We took it really easy on the way out, but a bit faster on the way back.  I was first up Carr hill, first time ever I think.  But I was knackered.  Good job I only had a mile or so to get home.

I’ve not ridden other than this.  I had hoped to top 2500 miles this week but it wasn’t to be.  Jayne’s parents came up Friday and took us out to eat on Saturday.  It was also club day here and Liam was in the parades with scouts and beavers.

57 miles for the week

2433 for the year




  1. Hope you feel better. It's been pissing rain here lately, and it's kept me inside too much. Tomorrow, a long ride for sure.

  2. Boz, after a week of feeling a bit iffy and an unscheduled trip to Bristol, I'm not bad. Still got the remnants of my cold, but feeling OK. should top 2500 miles tomorrow