Monday, 28 June 2010

Joe’s Bike Build

As part of the deal for getting my P7 back from Joe, I agreed to build up another bike for him to keep at his place in France.  I have an old Claud Butler frame in the garage, one of two my sister had.  It was my first mountain bike, bought in about 1992.  I had already overhauled the headset and put a newish bottom bracket in.  The cranks from the P7 sat too far out.  The front mech was also a top pull one.  So I put some cranks off one of the boys old bikes and the mech off the original Claud Butler.  Rear mech was the old XT one from the P7.

june 2010 009

The front wheel needed the hub re-packing and the rim is a bit worn, but it seems OK.  The rear hub seemed OK, but I just couldn’t get it tightened up properly, it was either too tight or too much play.  Also, the dropouts on the CB seem to be a bit narrow and the quick release wouldn’t engage properly until I’d put a thicker washer in the stack.

june 2010 011

Front brake were STX, rear LX, canti’s.  No idea where the STX brakes came from, out of my parts bit, but only one set.

The rest of the kit pretty much swapped over from the P7.  I still need to do the rear gears, I didn’t have a long enough cable.  So nearly finished

june 2010 013

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