Sunday, 4 July 2010

Wet Wet Wet!

I went out with Ian today, round the Trough.  The weather forecast was not good, rain and wind, lots of both.  Quite warm though.  We set out towards the Cartford Bridge with the wind on our backs and had a pleasant spin out doing 18-20mph with ease.  After crossing the bridge, we ramped our speed up a bit and were doing 20+mph all the way to Scorton.  Whipped through Scorton without stopping and approached the hills.  The rain started, just a fine mizzle at first but got steadily heavier.  As we made the climb over Boundary Hill, it got worse and worse.  The descent down the other side is usually a 40+mph adrenaline rush.  Today it was 20mph with stinging rain lashed into our faces and a sketchy road surface.  I kept my sunglasses on just to keep the rain out of my eyes.  Once down into Marshaw, it didn’t let up and we arrived at Dunsop Bridge very wet indeed.  I squeezed half a pint of water out of my gloves.  Whilst we feasted on bacon and egg butties, soup, tea cakes and fruit loaf, the weather got worse.  The run down the valley to Longridge was into the wind and rain.  We were cold and very wet.

After Longridge, it started to improve a bit and we made good time into Broughton.  Not long after, we picked up the stragglers from the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride.  They were in a worse state than us, tired and wet but also on supremely unsuitable bikes.

Eventually, after 60 miles I was home and could get in the bath.  Bliss!  Ian had another 10 miles or so, but at least the rain had stopped, not like Thursday.

We did our usual Thirsty Thursday ride out to the Plough.  Ian and Alison met me at our house and we had a fairly pleasant ride out.  Karl met us later.  After the usual pints of Bomber and garlic chicken on toast, we set off home.  It threw it down.  I only had alight Gamex top over my gillet and shirt.  By the time I got home, I was soaked.  The others had 5 and 10 miles more to do.  I was probably in the bath with a glass of Chimay before Ian was half way home.

The rest of the week has been pretty normal.  All in all an OK week.

Miles for the week – 174

Mile for the year to date – 2778



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