Sunday, 25 July 2010

3000 Miles!

I finally got over the 3000 mile mark.  I thought I would get there last week, but circumstances left me 32 miles short of my target.

This week has been my normal commuting week and I should have topped the 32 miles by mid week.  On Thursday, I was 1/2 a mile short when I got to work.  Ordinarily I would have ridden round the car park a bit, but I had what I thought was an important meeting.  Turned out not to be an important meeting after all.

I have had an ordinary week otherwise.  Thirsty Thursday was the normal ride out to the Plough.  I had Friday off, so Jayne and I rode out to the Weird Fish.  Ian said he would meet us on the way, but in the end got there just after us.  We’d raced, thinking he was ahead of us, he’d waited thinking the same, but in fact we were just ahead.

Friday night was eventful, leading to us staying up all night, so Saturday we took it easy.

Today we’ve been out for 20 odd miles on the tandem, just to Bonds for a tea cake.  Still only a mediocre week though.

Miles for the week – 107.5

Miles for the year – 3075.5




  1. Very nice total, and only a bit over 5 months to go. Did you have a mileage goal?

  2. Boz,it was looking really good through spring, but seems to have dried up a bit recently. 1000 fixie miles today though. I set a target of 4500, with a stretch of 5000. I should make both