Monday, 30 August 2010

Quieter Week

A steady week of riding this week.  No big miles, just riding to work.  Our Thirsty Thursday ride was just me and Ian.  we were both tired and so we just did a gentle ride out, not quite straight to the Plough, but not our recent spins over Beacon Fell.

I seem to have a lot of Allen keys.

Aug-2010 053

I got my Pace forks back from Tim at Fork English on Wednesday. Aug-2010 052

I was a bit worried that Tim had left the steerer too long, but it was just OK.

Got them fitted to the P7 and started the final little bits of assembly.

Aug-2010 056 Aug-2010 054 Aug-2010 055

Came to do the pedals and found that there was no thread left on the drive side crank.  Years ago Joe had borrowed the P7 but wanted flat pedals on.  So I gave him some really nice Campag off road pedals, which he proceeded to put on the wrong side, only noticing when he couldn’t get his feet in.  Those pedals have been on ever since, kept in place only by dirt I think.  Anyway the crank is trashed.  Hopefully Karl will have a set lying around.  If not, back to retrobike I think.

Mile for the week - 92

Total miles – 3857

Not many more to get to 4000, but I am off to Switzerland tomorrow.  Hopefully back for Thirsty Thursday.



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