Sunday, 15 August 2010

Some Milestones

I passed some milestones this week.  Last week ended just short of 3500 miles and I hoped to quickly overcome that milestone.  The week started poorly, with rainy weather.  We were pretty tired from the weekend’s activities and had a gentle ride Monday.

for Tuesday we had arranged to meet Ian and Catherine for a trip out to Beacon Fell, with a further loop out over the Trough if we felt like it.  This would be Catherine’s longest rides for a long time, due to a recurring back problem.  We got out to Beacon Fell without too much trouble.  Jayne and Catherine decided to head home for a 35 mile ride.  Ian and I would press on to Chipping and back through the Trough and over Boundary Hill.  We decided we would stop at Dunsop Bridge for lunch, but when we got there they were only serving drinks and cakes, no bacon butties etc.  We decided to head on to Marshaw and the tea wagon there.  Unfortunately that meant we faced Boundary Hill on a full stomach of Bacon & Egg Buttie and a mug of tea.  We survived an flogged on into a tremendous head wind for a 60 mile round trip.

Thirsty Thursday was a short trip out to the Burley Arms on the tandem.  Karl, Ian and Nic were all away.  After another short spin on Friday, it was time to get ready for the Beer Tasting!  This is a semi regular event where a number of work colleagues get together at our house.  We have half a dozen belgian beers, gradually increasing in strength, with tasting notes and pizza and garlic bread.  This time round only John, Chuckie, Mike and Andy were free, plus me, Jayne and my sister Jane.  It rained, so we couldn’t sit out round the Chiminea, but a good night was had.  The schedule was: Bruges Zot,6%;Witcap Tripel, 7.5%; St Bernardus Pater, 8%; Maredsous Tripel, 10%; Rochefort 10, 11.3%; Skaldis, 12%.  We also managed to get the chiminea going as well.

Saturday, a bit hung over, we headed out to the rather excellent Courtyard cafe in Great Eccleston.  Paninis and coffee saw us on our way to 25 miles. 

Today we headed out to Scorton, going over Wyre and a flat route.  The weather was the best we’ve had all my two week holiday.  We rode out to the Barn cafe before heading back to meet Karl and Alison at the Villa for a pint.

As well as topping 3500 miles in total, we also topped 1000 miles on the tandem.  Jayne probably has a bout 1800 miles under her belt for the year, pretty good!

Miles for the week – 186

Total for the year  -   3609



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