Sunday, 26 September 2010

Back to decent mileages

After a poor week, I’m back to some decent mileages.  Just work and back in the main.  I had a migraine on Thursday so missed the Thirsty Thursday ride.  Friday Karl was away, so no ride then.

Yesterday Jayne and I went out to the Courtyard Cafe at Great Ecc for a tea cake and a coffee.  It was a bit cold while riding, Autumn is definitely here, but really nice and sunny outside the cafe.

This morning was the Fleetwood triathlon.  I usually volunteer to manage the bike course.  This basically means riding the course constantly, making sure all the side streets have marshals.  We got off to a poor start with turn points only marked on the ground, no marshals or bollards/signs.  This was soon sorted and the majority had a good ride.  The real work for me started once the adults have finished.  Tim (the organizer) runs a youth and kids event as well, with 5 different age categories doing different distances.  My job was to make sure the turns were manned, sweep the previous wave and  get the marshals home and the roads opened.  These are not always mutually achievable tasks.  In the first two hours I rode about 12 miles.  In the last hour and a half I did another 25.  All on a 3 mile course!

We rode out to the Villa for a well earned pint tonight.

Total for the week – 133 miles

Total for the year – 4198 miles#



  1. Work mileage adds up, doesn't it. I'm trying to find a house closer to my job that doesn't require a lot of climbing. Currently, it's 20 miles and several large climbs on the route. The facts of living by Lake Superior and working over the hill. Keep up the good work.

  2. I'm 7 miles from work, which is a nice distance. I can stretch it out a bit if I feel like going further. It does indeed add up, but it needs the weekends longer ride to push it into the decent mileages. I should make my 5000 target for the year though.