Monday, 20 September 2010


A very poor week mileage wise this week.

I rode to work on Monday but there was a howling gale and pooring rain. By Tuesday it had got worse, with 30mph winds gusting up to 50. I decided to drive. wednesday wasn't raining but the wind was still very high, so I drove again.

I was off Thursday and Friday to go up to Glasgow to see Wilco. My sister and her friend Kirsty came up on Wednesday. I cooked them lamb steaks in red wine, very nice. I was texting Ian with a pick up time for the next morning when there was a traffic bulletin on the radio. The Pope was in Edinburgh and driving to Glasgow for a mass on Thursday afternoon. All sorts of roads were closed. I quickly texted Ian with an earlier departure time. Ian's response F#@king Pope!.

We drove up Thursday morning and had no problems with the traffic, getting there nice and early. The drive up the M6 and M74 must be the nicest stretch of motorway in Britain, skirting the Lakes, the Howgills and the Borders. We checked in to the hotel and got something to eat. Then Jane and Kirsty went back to the hotel to freshen up and Ian and I headed across town to find somewhere to eat later and scout out the venue. After walking all round central Glasgow, we eventually found the venue and a nice looking Italian to eat.

If you are in Glasgow, the Fratelli Sarti restuarant on the corner of Renfield St and I think Bath St was very good. Their pre-theatre deal of two courses for £10 was great. Two courses plus two bottles of wine was £80 for 4.

We staggered out and walked down to th Barrowlands Ballroom. The support act was Phil Selway (SP?) from Radiohead. A bit samey, but highlights were a saw player and the finale where they gathered round the drum kit and all played some form of percussion.

Wilco came on about 9ish and played a blinding set. Nels Kline is the most demented guitar player I've seen in quite a while. Think Animal from the Muppets. They played a good mix of the new album plus stuff from right across their previous ones. Highlight had to be synthesiser Patel!

We wandered back to the hotel for a final drink before bed. Next morning we found a nice cafe that advertised Hot Porridge which Ian needs in order to function properly. Kirsty and I had the full fried, although I did make the mistake of asking for a full English, much to everyone's ammusement. Then it was back in the car for the 200 mile drive home.

This weekend has been rain and more rain, so apart from nipping up to the Villa on Friday, I've done no more miles.

Total for the week a dismal 19 miles.


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