Thursday, 30 December 2010


I think my year is done.  I’ve done down with the cold that seems to be doing the rounds here.  I’m in work tomorrow, but will probably drive.  So 5123 miles is my total.  Pretty good I think

The weather has improved.  It is 16 degrees warmer than Christmas Day!  Snow has almost gone.  They are predicting a return to sub zero temps again next week though.

I think my target for next year will simply be 6000 miles.  Unless I can come up with something cleverer.

Happy New Year



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  1. We had a bout of rain the last couple days that turned into snow yesterday. Now it's 0 degrees F, so we have a few inches of snow over clear ice. I just finished snow blowing out the driveway, slipping all the way. Missed the New Years ride since I don't have studded tires. I will have to invest in some soon, since our normal winters have returned. Good luck on the conquest of 6000 miles.

    Ive a great New Year!