Monday, 20 December 2010

More Snow and Ice

I didn’t ride much this week, it was too icy.  I’ve been trying to get some studded tyres but no one seems to have them.  I had a bit of a scare on some frozen mud coming home on Monday and decided not to ride Tuesday.  Wednesday was our team night out so I drove and left the car.  Thursday I rode in through torrential rain and the odd bit of hail, got soaked.

Friday was cold and they predicted snow.  I drove in again, planning to come home and ride out to the pub to meet Karl later.  On the way home it started to snow quite a lot.  I put lights on the P7 and rode that rather than either of the road bikes.  It was a good choice.  By seven there was an inch or so of snow on the roads.  Karl came out on his Pompino and you could see his skin marks in the snow.

By Saturday morning there was a good 6-8 inches, which is almost unheard of round here.  We were supposed to go mountain biking, but cried off.  Dec-2010 002 Dec-2010 001

It has stayed very cold since then, –4C maximum daytime temperature.  It was –10C at 6 o’clock yesterday.  Jayne and I went for a walk over the fields.

Dec-2010 004 Dec-2010 006

Total miles for the week – 24

Miles for the year – 5123

Not sure how many more miles I’ll get in this year.




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