Sunday, 16 January 2011

Good Week

I think I’ve had a pretty good week.  I rode in every day.  I did switch from fixie to audax bike on Tuesday because of the horrendous headwind.  There was still some snow and ice about at the beginning of the week, but temps were back up to normal UK winter, ie 3-8 C. 

Karl does yoga on a Thursday, so we decided to shift Thirsty Thursday to a Tuesday.  With mixed results.  On the plus side, I got away from work early and Ian and Karl were at mine for half six.   It has been quite wet here and the farmers are also in full muck spreading mode.  Ian said the traditional route was too muddy, so we diverted down Blue Moor, adding a mile or two.  We were at the Plough by 7:15.  However, none of us were really in the mood.  Ian and I had a beer and Karl a glass of water.  We had the traditional garlic chicken on toast, a massive chicken breast, I was totally stuffed.  Then, rather than the usual several pints, by unspoken mutual consent, we set off home again.  Several parts of the road were under water.

Saturday was supposed to be a tandem ride, but the rain was so heavy and the wind so strong we cried off.  My friend Simon went mountain biking.  He texted me in the evening saying he was taking his girls swimming on Sunday and that he would get less wet than his MTB ride.

Sunday Karl arranged for a gentle spin out to Beacon Fell.  Ian and Joe would join us.  In the end Karl was a no show, finally succumbing to his man flu.  It was a good move, we got absolutely soaked.  The bottom of the climb up to Beacon Fell was awash with run off.  It was like riding up a waterfall.  By the time we reached the visitor centre we were soaked to the skin.  On the way down we went through several similar stretches and some deep water in places.  By the time I got home I was soaking and freezing.  But it was good to get out.

I reckon I have to do about 115 miles a week to hit my 6000 mile target.  So far I am down about 20 miles.  I am in Switzerland all next week, so by Friday will be nearly 140 miles down.  That is a lot to get back so early in the year.  I may have set too ambitious a target.

Miles for week – 119

Running total – 206

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