Monday, 28 March 2011

Best week so far

It has been a really lovely week of spring weather, sunny and starting to get warm.  I’ve been adding an extra mile or so to the route to/from work.

Thursday afternoon we were both off, so we rode out on the solo’s to Scorton.  Friday was another nice day so I decided shorts were in order plus my lighter weight jacket.  It was very pleasant in the morning but I arranged to meet Jayne at the pub after work.  By the time we left, the sun had gone down and it was freezing!  I could barely feel my hands and feet when we got home.

I rode over to Simon’s on Saturday morning to help put his bike back together.  He had a nasty crash last week, trashing his fork, bars and saddle.  We did what we could but struggled with the crown race.  I spent the afternoon fettling mine and Jayne’s road bikes.

Sunday we decided to head out to Chipping on the tandem, but after the first two hills felt a detour to Scorton and less climbs would be a better bet.

All in all a very good week

173 miles for the week

1065 for the year to date, still 315 miles down though

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