Sunday, 20 March 2011


It seems like spring is practically here.  Daffodils are out, blossom starting to appear on trees.  Thursday was really quite sunny and warm.  Unfortunately I was in Bristol on a last minute trip for work.

Monday to Wednesday was the normal work week.  I did get the 3/4’s out and my thinner rain top.  It was still a bit chilly on a couple of evenings though.

Yesterday Jayne and I went over to Arnside to ride across to Kirby Lonsdale and back.  It is a very hilly but nice quiet route.  Five or six climbs got us into the granny gears, but we rode everything and felt pretty good.  Weather was sunny and cloudy with a cold breeze blowing on the exposed fells.  A good day out though.

Kirby Lonsdale 001

We went into Kendal, supposedly to get me some new full finger gloves, cos I’ve gone through the end of mine.  An hour later, £20 worth of books and £100 worth on gloves for me, gloves for Jayne and a rather nice pair of Gore 3/4’s for me.

Was hoping to wear my new 3/4’s today but it was raining and horrible this morning, so we went for a run instead.  We’ve been doing 2 mins run 2 mins walk for 30-35 minutes for the last few weeks.  Tried today to up to 3mins running, 2 mins walking.  We managed two lots of 3 mins running, then had to step down to 2 lots of 2 mins running.  But we did then step back up to 3 mins for the last two runs.  Getting better, going faster and breathing easier.

Only 67 miles for the week thoughSad smile

892 miles total, 373 behind my target




  1. It seemed that spring was here, but a blizzard warning for tomorrow changed all that. I'm off go a ride this afternoon, but that may be the last for a while. 8+" of snow w. 40mph winds makes it quite a nasty drive to work, much less trying to ride a bike!

  2. 50+F today and wall to wall sunshine. Set for all week, but cold again by the weekend