Sunday, 8 May 2011

Home Again

we got back from the Isle of Man on Monday completely knackered.  We’d done fewer miles than last year but it seemed much harder, probably due to the phenomenal wind.

Tuesday Jayne and I went for a short 24 mile spin, very slow and easy.  The wind was still strong, but we could coast down the slight drop from Roseacre that we had to pedal hard down the day before.  Usually the tandem will coast down at 20-25mph.  Shown how strong the wind was.

Wednesday and Friday were normal ride to work days.  Thursday we found out if we still have jobs, fortunately I still do.

We’ve had a fairly lazy weekend, I felt I needed a weekend off, so nothing yesterday and just 10 or so miles today.

Total for the week – 104 (including 40 from Monday I recorded last posting)



  1. But I bet that knackered feeling was great. That looks like a fantastic cycling experience.

  2. The Isle of Man is beautiful, but it is basically a mountain sticking out of the Irish Sea. There is little or no flat. The whole experience was great, a great group of people and (apart from the wind) great weather.