Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Very Poor Riding Week

I’ve done very little this week.  On the plus side I’ve still got a job.  I had to go down to Bristol Tuesday/Wednesday.  I did go for a run for the first time in ages while I was there, but it isn’t riding miles.

This weekend was forecast sunshine and showers.  We were looking after Simon’s dog while Simon and family went to Harlech to do the triathlon.  We decided to rebuild the shed.  The shed started life as a 8’ x 10’ potting shed 15 years ago.  Since then it has been dismantled, moved, cut down, rebuilt and moved again several times.  A few weeks ago we got another 8’ x 10’ shed through freecycle.  It wasn't in great shape but gave us enough wood to rebuild several sheds.


After dismantling the old shed, we started on the rebuild.  The idea was to cut two more feet from the width and get rid of any rotten bits, replacing them with stuff from the donor shed.


By close of play Saturday I had the base and two sides done.

Sunday was very wet, but we needed to crack on to get stuff under cover.  So we worked through the rain.


Eventually it was done


I was knackered.  My thighs and hamstrings were killing me.  I could barely walk on Monday.  I’m slowly getting back to normal.

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