Sunday, 3 July 2011

Looking Better

I’m gradually clawing back the missed miles.  Last week 175, this week 164.  There’s no secret formula, just getting out more and for longer.  I should be at 3000 miles today.  I’m not!

My regular crew are all out in France, cycling from the north down to Carpentras, spending a week there, then cycling back.  I would love to have gone.  Karl has sent me some envy inducing photos.  I have had a good few weeks though.  Last week I topped up my commuter miles with a couple of trips out to Beacon Fell.  This week,a colleague was up from Bristol so we took him for a spin through the lanes, again to Beacon Fell.  Jayne has had a cold for the last few weeks and is just getting over it so we’ve done a few short miles,out to the pub and back this last week.

yesterday Simon and I went up to Gisburn Forest and rode the MTB trail there.  It was really good but I bottled a couple of sections, especially the north shore type stuff.  We did ride hully gully though, which was amazing.  Those berms are 30 ft from the bottom of the dips.  It took some nerve for me to do these but I really enjoyed it once I got over the fear.

Last night we went to Simon and Catherine's for a really nice meal.  Moule Mariner (SP?) followed by pasta with smoked kipper and then lemon sponge cake and  strawberries.  Delicious.

Today Jayne and I have done 30 miles of fairly flat lanes out to Barton Grange and back, then down to the pub.

All in all, I’m raking back the deficit and with a couple more weeks like these should get to a point where I am over target and can afford to miss a week or so, as long as work doesn’t get in the way.



week – 164

To date – 2872

Short fall - 118


  1. Nice bounce back. Our summer is here and I'm taking advantage. Gravel and single track today, road ride tomorrow, but on a bike path. The road traffic will be crazy, this being a holiday weekend here in the U.S.of A. I think I'll have a couple of Sam Adams Summer Wheat Ales to celebrate!

  2. Hope you enjoyed your holiday. Looks like the 29er is working out for you