Friday, 29 July 2011

Week Off

I’ve been off all week.  Its been a mixed experience.

Sunday, I went out with Ian and Joe, to Chipping and back via the back of Beacon Fell.  The wind coming back was horrendous but we made good time.

Monday, Jayne and I rode out on the tandem to Garstang.  We needed porcini, proscutto and papardelle pasta for a recipe we were going to make.  Booth’s in Garstang were bound to have these.  They had none!  In the end (Wednesday) we used ordinary dry mushrooms, lardons and snapped in half lasagne sheets.  It was great.

Tuesday I was supposed to ride round the Trough with Ian, but only got 10 miles up the road before being recalled to home.  the home stretch was done at an average of 20mph though.

Wednesday, Jayne and I drove pout to Chipping, then set off for Scorton.  This was several climbs and quite hard, even if only 30 miles.

Picture 004

Picture 011

Thursday was a bit damp, so we had a stay at home day.  Jayne went bowling in the evening and I went out to the Plough with Karl, Alison and Ian.

Today we' drove up to Stavely and rode out to Levens and back.  Considering it is the busiest part of the Lakes, it was surprisingly quiet.  A good 30 miles of country lanes

Lakes July 2011 001Lakes July 2011 005Lakes July 2011 016Lakes July 2011 022

Off mountain biking tomorrow!


  1. I've been doing more mountain bike lately, what with high temps and humidity. The forest shade cools quite a bit. It was 91F (32C?) but the canopy made it feel much cooler. Looks like you had some great areas to ride.

  2. Sadly, it looks like I'll be off the bike for a while. Possibly broke my elbow yesterday mountain biking.