Monday, 15 August 2011

Still Healing

My knee is healing pretty well, just the deepest of the cuts still scabbed over. It still hurts if I kneel down, but otherwise OK.

My elbow is also much better. I almost have full movement back but it aches. On Saturday I tried to do some DIY and while trying to push a cable back into a clip, my arm spasmed and locked up for a second. Apparently I went white for a bit. Afterwards it was OK though. My little finger and ring finger go a bit tingly if I do too much.

I rode out to the pub on Sunday evening. It was OK apart from the right turn into the pub when I tried to look over my shoulder and only had my left hand on the bars. It seems I can't control the bike with my bad arm.

It was Jamie's 18th birthday on Sunday. Can't believe my youngest is 18! Got him an xbox and guitar hero. Spent most of Sunday trying to get xbox Live working through my router. How non-IT people cope with these things I don't know. It took all my knowledge to get it going.

Anyway 5.5 miles for the week. At least its something.


  1. Small steps, soon you will be out making up for lost time. To Your Health (raising a beer)!

  2. Bit of a set back last night. Woke up in agony with my arm locked up. Hopefully got an appointment with the GP who can refer me to a specialist through my work's health insurance.