Sunday, 18 December 2011

5000 miles

Illness, weather and work have made the last three weeks pretty meagre mileage wise.  I did pass the 5000 mile mark this morning, no way am I going to get near 6000.

I spent most of last week in Winterthur or Bristol.  The week before it was very windy and wet, with hail.

we set out for a short ride this morning but as soon as we got out of town, the roads turned quite icy.  So we headed back towards the coast and The Beach Terrace Cafe for a cooked breakfast.  We saw Joe out on the Lytham Fancy Dress 5K and Joe’s son Ben waitering in the cafe.  A short trip back to Ian’s to pick up my car and we were done.


1 comment:

  1. 5000 miles is a very nice accomplishment none the less. I didn't even hit 1000, mostly due to illness and injury. My new job is only 1.3 miles from home, so that doesn't really pile up the miles.