Friday, 30 December 2011

That's It

2011 mileage is done.  Weather for the last few days has been pretty poor, rain and gales.  I had to go in to work on Wednesday and it was hard work, even dangerous.  We hoped to get out today but again rain all day.  We did go for a walk but got soaked.

Anyway, my 2011 mileage topped out at 5117 miles. 4424 miles on solo road bikes, about 1000 of which were on the fixie.  648 miles on the tandem.  The tandem miles were seriously cut short by my elbow break in the summer.  It is still more difficult to manage the tandem than solos.  My MTB mileage has been particularly poor, only three trips, again the broken elbow effect.  I’ve not been on the MTB since my accident.

Highlight of the year is the Isle of Man trip once again.  This is already booked for 2012, but due to other commitments it will be a quite different group.

Riding up to Scotland at the end of May was also great and has given me the touring bug a bit.  Hence my ride down to my Mum’s which was a different kind of ride, being on my own, but enjoyable in different ways.

Next year I hope to do a bit more touring.  As well as the Isle of Man trip, we have an extra bank holiday in June so a long weekend trip, probably up to Scotland, is on the cards.  I would also like to do a couple of short solo tours like I did this year, maybe get the train out somewhere and ride home.

Happy New Year



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