Sunday, 22 April 2012

Scrapped By

Just managed to reach my target miles – 117.

Monday Jayne and I had a day off.  We struggled to get going but got out in the afternoon.  We rode out to Great Eccleston for a tea cake and coffee, passing the geo-survey machines that are surveying for the fracking company that hope to drill in the area.  We went home via a convoluted route to avoid Cop school kicking out and ended up going past three other schools instead.

Tuesday to Thursday I was in Bristol, but took my bike down.  Wednesday night I rode out to Clifton Downs for a short spin.  It was phenomenally hilly but good ride.

Saturday we rode the tandem to the Apple Store via the hilly route.  We met up with Ian, Mark and Ross, who’d set out from Lytham and eventually with Joe, Karl and Alison who had gone round the Trough and where knackered.  After soup, sandwich, tea cake and lots of tea, we all decided to head back the way Jayne and I had come.  We were much the slowest, especially on the hills, but set a fast pace whenever the road turned down hill.

Early start this morning for the Ribby Tri.  I was marshal again.  Usually I man the level crossing, but Karl had bagged that job, so I was general dogs body.  First task was to jog round the run course with bollards on my shoulder laying out the turn points.  Then go round again with mile markers.  Then go round again with paint to mark the turns, which were washing away in the rain.  I set off to do the last bit on my bike, when I noticed a flat tyre.  I was supposed to ride round the bike course, making sure the marshals were in place and had bibs.  Instead I got Liam, who was there on behalf of St John’s Ambulance, to run me home where I got my car and drove the course.  After that I didn’t really have anything to do, but somehow ended up at the finish with the timekeeper, logging people’s finish time.  The weather in the morning was atrocious, some people out on the bike course hit by a hail shower, but lots of rain everywhere.  By about half way it cleared up and was quite sunny.  It was good to go and help out.



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