Saturday, 28 April 2012

Wheels for sale

27" x 1 1/4" wheels

I have acquired a load of 27 x 11/4 rims and wheels.  They look like new rims on old hubs. All seem to have been stored either outside or somewhere damp and most have some rust on the eyelets.  There is some surface corrosion on the aluminium of the bare hubs and rims.  Not identified all the hubs yet but there are:
Pair Mavic MA40 36h rims £15
Pair Mavic MA2 36h rims £15
Pair Mavic Mod4 36h rims£15
Pair Weinmann concave 36h £15

Pair Rigida AL320 on small flange hub with Rigida 5 sp block, rear hub stamped Hague £35
Pair MA2 on what I think are high flange Campag track hubs £45
Weinmann concave rim on large flange front hub £20
Weinman concave rim on large flange front hub, different from above £20
Pair Mavic rims, no markings rear is on large Suzue, front on large Lambert £35

all plus postage at whatever the Post Office will charge.  Or will swap for stuff, I'm looking for a 700c wheelset and a 26" wheelset or pos just rims

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