Saturday, 9 April 2011

New Bike

Not mine,Jayne’s.  Whilst she likes her Specialized Dolce there are a couple of small issues with it that are limiting.  There is a fair bit of toe overlap.  This isn’t usually a problem but there are a few places on our usual rides where there is a sharp right turn at the top of a steep hill.  It is a busy junction as well and she is a bit nervous approaching it.  The Dolce won’t take a mudguard either.

So Thursday night we went to Halford’s because they had offers on Boardman bikes.  Their fi Hybrid is a bargain at the moment at £400.  SRAM X5, Avid BB3 disks, aluminium frame.

090411 004 

It isn’t as light as the Dolce, but not far off.  Its a compact double, so the gears don’t go quite as low as the Dolce.  But it has no toe overlap, room for mudguards and eyelets for a pannier rack. 

We bought it!

Today was warm and very sunny, if a bit windy.  We headed out to Scorton.  This would also be Jayne’s longest solo ride this year.  We’d done it on the tandem several times.  The ride out was good, wind mostly behind.

090411 002

We stopped at the Barn for a coffee and tea cake, Jayne had a big piggy cream scone!

After our pit stop, we headed back via Pilling.  We had a relatively easy ride out with the wind moving around so that as we turned south through Pilling to Great Ecc, we were headed straight in to the wind.  Jayne started to struggle, but plugged doggedly on.

We finished with just over 43 miles, her longest solo miles this year.

On a separate note, my friends Simon, Derek and Tim did the Paris Roubaix sportive today.  They all finished and are no doubt knocking back the Leffe with gusto, well done!




  1. Sharp bike. I don't think Boardman markets in the US. Shame, their stuff looks very good.

  2. Cheers. They are exclusive to Halfords, a UK car spares chain. Our friend Alison also got one, but a carbon road bike. They are fantastic value for money at the moment as they are selling off the 2010 bikes.