Sunday, 24 April 2011

Today I Killed my Wife!

Weather has been pretty good this week.  For various reasons I didn’t get a ride in on Monday.  Jayne has outstripped me this week, probably for the first time ever.  However today might have been a step too far.

Tuesday she did a 20+ mile route, Thursday another 16 plus a trip to the pub.  Friday we had to go out to Honeywell’s to get some beef for a Saturday meal with friends.  25 miles, but I was weighed down with 10lbs of beef.

Saturday we had a short spin, 30 miles, on the tandem.

Today we decided to go round the Trough.  This is a 60 mile loop including some sizeable hills.  The run out to Chipping was fairly easy going, 8 miles of climbing from the A6 to Chipping.  The church there is very nice.

Trough 001Trough 002

The route from Chipping to Dunsop Bridge is quite hilly.  We started to struggle.  It was getting warmer.  We made it to Dunsop Bridge and the cafe for lunch.  We had a good chat with another couple on a tandem who were also heading over Boundary Hill. 

The ride up over Boundary Hill is tough, a mile or so of 1 in 4.

Trough 003Trough 004Trough 005

The first pitch isn’t so bad, but it soon steepens.  The cars in the first pic are about half way up.  We made it that far before having to stop.  Jayne was knackered.

Trough 006Trough 007

After this it was a bit easier and we got to the top without further stops.

Trough 008

On the coast down the timing chain fell off.  One of the links had separated.  We had no chain tool.  Several people stopped but no one else had a tool.  Eventually I managed to force the link back together.  We carried on but were very dubious of my bodged repair.

It seemed to hold.Trough 009

We eventually got home hot and tired but 60 miles done.

Jayne is very very tired.

Miles for the week – 157 (159 for Jayne)

Total miles – 1615

Next weekend Isle of Man!


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