Sunday, 17 April 2011


Its been a fairly quiet week bike-wise.  Not so work-wise and I may be after a new job soon.

This weekend I stripped down my Ribble.  Without too many options, I decided just to clean it up and rebuild it as a road machine.  The chainrings are the original, now 20 year old, ones, a bio-pace 42 and a 52.  When I’ve got the money I will swap the rings for maybe a 38 and a 48 or 50.  At that point I will also swap the cassette, chain and probably the jockey wheels on the derailleur.

I put what I had back together today.  It is amazing how easy a 7 speed down tube shifter build is compared to the more modern configs.

April 003April 004April 005

Not too bad.  The last pic exaggerates the top half a bit.

On a separate note, we have goldfinches in our garden…

April 001April 002

Miles for the week – 120

Total – 1725



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