Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Another Good Day

I was off work again today, so  decided to go for a gentle ride to recover from yesterdays 67 mile ride.  The weather wasn’t as good as yesterday, not as sunny and lots more cloud, but a little less windy.  I decided to head out to Beacon Fell again, but by a different route than normal.  This meant that most of the climbing was more gentle than the usual route, but did leave the 1/2 mile or so of 1 in 5 up from Carwags to the visitor centre.  On the way I spotted some unusual local stock.

RIMG0279 RIMG0278

From the top of Beacon Fell, on a clear day you can see all the way to the Isle of Man.  Today you couldn’t even see Blackpool Tower.


I was still feeling pretty fresh so decided to go over into Bleasdale and maybe Oakenclough.  RIMG0284

But the couple of little river valley drops and climbs persuaded me to head for Scorton instead.   In the end I did an even harder climb that the Oakenclough road, and one that turned out to be a dead end.  So I had to turn round and go back up anothe 1 in 4 climb to the bottom of Nicky Nook.  The cup of tea, bacon and egg buttie and toasted teacake was bliss.

I then foolishly decided to go back Over Wyre, adding another 15 or so miles. 

In the end 60 miles in 6 hours, including two reasonable stops.  I’m knackered.



PS Check out Black Moth Super Rainbow for some  strange poppy  songs


  1. Those look to be Alpacas or some Llama derivative. Great wool from those critters, and they love cold weather. Several Alpaca ranches in these parts, but not many sheep farms. Strange..

  2. lots of sheep, cows, horses round here, also deer, boar and trout farms. I also saw a fox, a stoat, a hare, rabbits and hundreds of pheasant. What I didn't see but hoped to was ostriches. Seems the local Ostrich farm is no longer :(