Monday, 14 September 2009

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to me for yesterday.  46 years old.  Went to the pub with Jayne, Karl and Alison.  Steak and beer, marvellous.

September is turning out to be an expensive month.  The car tax and insurance is due on both cars.  Turns out I didn’t renew my MOT back in February.  So I’ve been driving round for 6 months illegally and effectively no insurance.  The garage has just rung to say i need a new exhaust - £300.

Saturday we went and bought a new car!  A Seat Ibiza.  Just waiting for the garage to confirm they can get it in the right colour and spec.

I somehow managed to get a decent 100+ mile in last week.  Not sure how, although I have been out most evenings with Jayne to do a short ride as well as riding to work.

Tomorrow the Tour of Britain comes to Blackpool.  We are thinking of riding out to Waddington to watch one of the main hill climbs.

Might go for a ride this evening, after I’ve picked the car up, the sun is coming out again.  After the bank holiday weekend of poor weather, we’ve had four or five days of cracking weather, 25-30 degrees, sunshine and hardly any wind.  The hardly any wind bit is unheard of this time of year.  Hopefully it will last til Wednesday, cos I’m off work til Thursday.



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  1. A belated Happy Birthday, Tim. And here's to many more!!