Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Tour of Britain

Went out to Waddington today to watch the Tour of Britain come through.  Me, Ian, Karl and Alison.  We thought we would miss it, but got tot the top of Waddington with about 10 mins to spare.

We decided to ride the main roads out to Clitheroe but then got side tracked outside Longridge.  We ended up in Chipping where we cleared the local shop of pies and Eccles cakes.  I had a pepper steak and mushroom pie, which I later both relied upon and regretted!

We eventually got to the top of Waddington Fell.  If you watch it in the  telly, we are the last two yellow jackets at the end of the barriers on the left.

Some pics....


RIMG0267 RIMG0268



Afterwards we went to the pub :)



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